Kelli O’Hara & Matthew Broderick in rehearsal for Nice Work if You Can Get It

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Some other me: Idina Menzel
Wicked twist

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Kristin Chenoweth Alphabet → A - Adoption

↳ “It always goes back to my parents who adopted me, who gave me unconditional love and self-esteem,” Chenoweth said. “I don’t think I’d be where I am without them.”

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Jumanji taught us that the scariest thing in the African jungle is the white guy with a gun.

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She’s done it again…

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Favorite People » Audra McDonald

I was a little a girl with a potbelly and afro puffs, hyperactive and overdramatic. And I found the theater and I found my home. And I found a place to express myself and I was so grateful, even at the age of nine”
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When you talk about a dual character – it’s what it seems, but for me and for most women, it’s just different parts of the spectrum that we’re highlighting. They’re all me, they’re all of us. I’ve struggled with putting off having a child, worried that it would distract me from my ambition and my career. And then I realized once I had a child how that enriched my life, and me as an artist and as a woman. It’s constant, the balancing motherhood now with my performing and my career and the guilt that I’m constantly slaying myself with. But it’s wonderful to have a show that I can at least go and assess those things and work through them on stage.

Idina Menzel (on motherhood)

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